How to choose the best private college in London

When it comes to education at a private college in London, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d be writing cheques for tens of thousands of pounds every term. But far from being the establishments for the privileged few that the phrase might conjure up, there are plenty of private colleges in London that can still provide outstanding education, but at a significantly more mainstream price.

While offering the teaching of GCSEs and A-Levels, as well as retakes, private tuition and Oxbridge preparation, they can also certainly compete with their more expensive and illustrious counterparts when it comes to results. So what should you look out for when you’re trying to choose the right one?

The law of averages

One of the overriding reasons behind opting for a private education is to give students the opportunity to achieve better results than they might by attending a regular school or college. And of course, the better the results, the higher the proportion of students who can make it onto further education and into a University of their choice.

Some of the best private A level college in London bring results for their students that are better than the national average – and that includes the larger, better known colleges. This success rate is often is down to the level of teaching methods and capability. And, combined with the students ability to learn in a more responsive way through smaller classes and one to one tuition, great results are not only sought, but frequently achieved.

So, if a combination of top results and an exceptional degree of teaching is paramount to your child’s success, then seeking out the Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ private colleges in London should be high on your list of things to look out for best sixth forms in London.

One establishment that prides itself on its teaching approach and pursuit of excellence, is Westminster Tutors. Located in South Kensington in London, this private college is rated Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in all six categories – something that no other independent college in London can match!

The exception, not the rule

Founded in 1934, Westminster Tutors is one of the oldest private tutorial colleges in the UK and has a long and proud legacy of helping students achieve excellent exam results. Their success is built on an individual approach to teaching. No group size ever exceeds more than four students, and the average group consists of just two.

Being able to offer this singular style of learning ensures every student gets the attention and tutoring they need to succeed. And with history showing that Westminster Tutors regularly exceed the national results average, as well as beating the results of many local competitor colleges, our flexible approach and inspiring tutors can help each and every student.

A private college in London that offers A-Levels, GCSEs, retake courses, private tutoring, revision and university preparation might sound like the rule rather than the exception. But when it comes to affordability, results and University success, Westminster Tutors’ personal approach is exceptional.

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